Servicing and Maintenance

Transformers are not only an essential component but also one of the most expensive elements in the electrical power transmission and distribution system.
For this reason our servicing department is capable of providing onsite servicing and is always on standby.

Special servicing vehicles are equipped with all the necessary equipment, tools and spare parts to even provide, if necessary, emergency intervention.


Transformer repair

Sometimes repairing a transformer can be more cost-effective than buying a new one. Or you might wish to keep an old transformer as a spare one. This is why our services also include:

Decomposition and Recycling of Old Transformers

At certain age or in case of a serious damage, a transformer can no longer serve for the purposes it has been produced. It becomes useless and as such a redundant object for the owner. However, even a transformer that can not be used any more still contains some useful materials, therefore it is reasonably and necessarily to decompose or to recycle it and to reuse the useful components.

The wasted transformer contains several materials that are or could be dangerous, therefore it is necessary to respect all legal demands during its recycling.

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