Development of the Upper Soča Valley with help of Kolektor Etra transformers!

Kolektor Etra will contribute to a more reliable electricity supply and thus development in the Upper Soča Valley.


In September, a new RTP 110/35/20 kV Kobarid, worth 4,5 mio € was put into operation by companies Sodo and Elektro Primorska. The new RTP Kobarid will enable better reliability of electricity supply in this region and it will enable new customers to connect to network, development on existing ones and reduce network losses.

SODO d.o.o. has entrusted the entire implementation of the distribution transformer station to Kolektor Igin. Installment of RTP Kobarid is their first turnkey project, which has been divided into two phases. The first phase covered all construction works and the installation of 20 and 35 kV switchgear, while the second phase of implementation 110 kV GIS switchgear, will be performed if neccesary. Kolektor Etra participated in the production of RTP Kobarid by supplying two transformers, adapted to the voltage of 20 and 35 kV. The construction work was done by Kolektor CPG.

This is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the area of ​​the Upper Soča Valley, which is very important for preventing damage in the economy caused by a weak network in this area. Due to more reliable network, we can expect further development in tourism and industry.