Manufacturing program

Power Transformers

Power transformers and autotransformers of up to 500 MVA rated power and 420 kV rated voltage with on-load and off-load tap-changing. Step up transformers of up to 500 MVA rated power and up to 420 kV rated voltage.
Special Transformers

Distribution Transformers

Distribution transformers Series 8 of 50 kVA to 1600 kVA rated power and up to 24 kV rated voltage – a new series of distribution transformers, filled with environmentally friendly liquid Midel 7131, transformer mineral oil and in dry version (Dry-type transformers). The new “Series 8” version is designed in accordance with Tier 2 of the European Commission Regulation no. 548/2014 and amendment no. 2019/1783 of 1.10.2019, which enters into force on 1.7.2021. Distribution transformers Series 8 have reduced losses and are therefore dimensionally modified. The first pieces of new distribution transformers are already made and ready for the first orders.
Special Transformers

Special Transformers

To meet industrial demands, KOLEKTOR ETRA d.o.o. also manufactures special transformers:

furnace transformers with on-load tap-changing for arc furnaces
furnace transformers with off-load tap changing (for induction furnaces)
rectifier transformers
transformers for electric traction
grounding transformers for the neutral point earthing
short-circuit current-limiting reactors

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