New logo for Kolektor Etra

We entered this year with the same values, but a new identity, which will represent our company in the future. Kolektor Etra d.o.o., has changed its logo as part of the reorganization of our parent company, KOLEKTOR GROUP.

In April 2022, Kolektor Group restructured its subsidiary companies into three groups: Kolektor Mobility, Kolektor Technologies and Kolektor Construction, and our company is a part of the Kolektor Technologies group.

With this restructuring, a new common vision of “One Kolektor” was introduced, which is reflected in the overall graphic image of the Kolektor group. As a result, a new unified logo was created for all subsidiary companies in the group, which is exclusively KOLEKTOR.

Even though the name of our company remains Kolektor Etra d.o.o., our visual image has changed to KOLEKTOR, which will be the logo we use from this year onwards.