Dr. Tomaž Kmecl Receives Award for Global Excellence in Slovenian Engineering

At the Academy of Engineering, the largest engineering event awards were presented to outstanding individuals with globally impactful achievements and those who dedicate their entire lives to the field. This year, the award for global excellence in Slovenian engineering was given to Dr. Tomaž Kmecl, the CEO of Kolektor Etra company.

Dr. Kmecl embarked on his engineering journey through the study of mechanical engineering, later advancing it with a PhD. He gained valuable experience abroad, in Switzerland, where he worked on challenging projects for a large conglomerate. His desire to contribute on home soil brought him back to Slovenia. Since 2009, he has been leading the Kolektor Etra company. In the demanding electro-energy market, he has successfully positioned the company as a global provider of high-quality products in the field of electric energy transformation. The awardee reinforces the company’s success in foreign markets through swift business decisions, quality products, and reliable delivery. He also pays significant attention to employees and the creation of efficient working conditions.

The Academy of Engineering, organized by the Association of Mechanical Engineers of Slovenia in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Metal Industries, and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana, has been encouraging and connecting mechanical engineers for many years, thereby strengthening the reputation of engineering in society.