History of the Kolektor ETRA

In this year, electro-mechanical and transformer repair workshop was founded by the Carniolan provincial power plant.

First transformer based on company’s own design and knowledge was developed in factory in Črnuče.

The company began operating as Energoinvest Sarajevo, Transformer factory Ljubljana. The development in the production of power transformers continued.

1965 – 1975
By acquiring a 10-year license from a French company ALSTHOM-SAVOISIENNE, and building new facilities, the company develops the capacity to produce transformers of max 150 MVA-145Kv.

In early 80’s,
the development policy of the elctrical industry in former Yugoslavia envisaged, that all demand for transformers would be covered by domestic production. This was an imporant task for Črnuče transformer Factory, which was at that time the second of the three largest transformer manufacturers in former Yugoslavia. The third was Minel from Belgrade and the first was Zagreb-based Rade Končar factory.

New high-voltage laboratory was built for testing transformers up to 150 MVA – 245kV.

The Črnuče transformer company produced the largest transformer of 150 MVA and 220kV for the Elektrogospodarstvo Slovenije.

1990 – 1992
At the time of Slovenia’s independence, unstable political situations and the loss of the Yugoslav market brought a turbulent period for the transformer factory. In 1990, the factory started with bankruptcy proceedings. The number of employees fell from 353 in 1989 to 56 in 1992. At a crucial moment, a group of people was formed that managed to get the company back on track.

1992 – 1999
After Slovenia’s independence, business was limited to the Slovenian market, where sales gradually increased during the years. The key to the further development of the company was to start exporting transformers to European market. There was a lot of mistrust from European clients, not only because of factory’s location, but also because of the poor state of the company and the lack of references. With the production of quality transformers for the Swedish market, the list of references grew and opened the door to new foreign clients. Etra33 started selling to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iceland. In 1997 the company was transformed into the joint-stock company Etra 33 Tovarna transformatorjev d.d., and obtained the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

2000 – 2010
In the years 2000 to 2010, the business is focused on the growth of export to Scandinavia and Western Europe. The company is focused on modernization of production equipment and production facilities.

Company ETRA 33 becomes a part of KOLEKTOR group and changes its name into KOLEKTOR ETRA d.o.o.

2010 – 2012
Construction of new factory and focus on development and production of the 400kV transformer program.

Kolektor Etra produced it’s first offshore transformer, especially designed to meet the requirements for offshore installation. The most imporant characteristics are the separated cooling system, corrosion protection systems and special transformer’s equipment to fight the extreme weather conditions.

In this year, the first 400kV transformer was produced, ordered by Slovakian customer.

2012 – 2017
Expansion of the production program of power transformers up to 500 MVA and up to 420 Kv

2017 – 2020
Acquiring of company Kolektor IGIN (2017, electrical engineering and consulting), a Serbian company Minel Dinamo (2018, production of smaller transformers), a Poland company Weltech (2020, transformer tanks producer), and an ownership stake in the company Primabiro (2021, transformer tanks producer)

With our products, we are present in more than 40 countries around the world. In 2022, together with our subsidiaries, we exceeded 230 million EUR in sales revenue. More than 90% of transformers are sold abroad, and the largest markets are Germany, Great Britain and Sweden. Kolektor Etra in Ljubljana has 550 employees and over 1,000 employees together with subsidiary companies in Belgrade, Poland, Sweden and Croatia.

We will be transforming the world for many years to come!

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