Kolektor Etra

Transforming future

90 Years

Kolektor ETRA

We are a company that has the capacity to produce energy and power generator transformers up to 500MVA and voltages up to 420kV. We focus mainly on technical areas, such as loss and noise level reduction. Innovative, professional and responsible are the words which characterize the company by our valued customers over the years.

Market presence: 90+ years
Present in 40+ countries around the world
600+ employees
We generate 210M+ annually
Part of the KOLEKTOR group
Manufacturing Program


Power transformers

Power transformers and autotransformers of up to 500 MVA rated power and 420 kV rated voltage with on-load and off-load…

Special transformers

To meet industrial demands,KOLEKTOR ETRA d.o.o. also manufactures special transformers: furnace transformers…

Distribution transformers

Distribution transformers Series 8 of 50 kVA to 1600 kVA rated power and up to 24 kVrated voltage – a new series of distribution transformers, filled with environmentally friendly liquid Midel 7131, transformer mineral oil and in dry version (Dry-type transformers).


KOLEKTOR ETRA is a renowned supplier of power transformers specifically designed to meet the requirements for offshore installation. Check our offshore references in an interactive map, where you can find locations of offshore platforms with our transformers.
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